International Schools in Malaysia

The International School of Jeddah that is popular among international students, is the best. Jeddah has been dubbed the Pearl of the East. The city is a beneficiary from the top schools as well as international ones as a element of the rich heritage of the city. This article gives information about Jeddah’s international school and the benefits they offer students from abroad.

International School in Jeddah (ISJ) It is an International School in Jeddah attracts students from around the world who wish to be able to work in a comfortable and comfortable setting. Students who attend this school are encouraged to take part in activities and events such as debate clubs, athletic teams as well as cultural and computers classes, as well as other extracurricular activities. It is the University of Alaska Anchorage has only one sister school, it is the International School of Jeddah.

Al-Balad International School (AAISJ) – The Al-Balad International School was established in 1977 in order to assist the Arab National community with high educational standards. Al-Balad has an internationally accredited school curriculum. The main campus is located in Jeddah. The school’s activities and curriculum take inspiration from Islamic belief and aim to cultivate leadership abilities in its students.

Raffles International School- Another school which is accredited in Jeddah is Raffles International School. All students can opt for a wide range of classes, such as instruction in languages and computer programs. International Master Degree and International Bachelor Degree programs are provided by the institution. This International Bachelor Degree programme helps students expand their knowledge in fields such as business, economics and commerce as well as business administration. It also helps in developing leadership capabilities. Its International Master Degree programmes help students broaden their horizons and develop their global perspective as well as their skills.

Johor Bahru International School – The Johor Bahru International School is located in the north of Jeddah. This school is the Sultanate of Oman’s most prestigious educational institution. It provides both in-person and online classes. The school has a moderately students from the world. They come of various nations, including Malaysia, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Egypt, France and the US. Schools that are international are set up in pairs to allow students from different countries to get to know and share knowledge with the other. Adult learners are welcome. The school provides a wide range of vocational classes.

General International School – The General International School is one of the most prestigious international schools in Jeddah. It is renowned for its liberal curriculum and its modern research facilities. The curriculum offered by the school is comprised of a wide range of humanities like English political science, economics psychology, sociology, psychology and creative writing. It also offers a range of certificates, diploma and degree courses for students who want to achieve a greater level within their field.

International School in Seri Jubli – The International School in Seri Jubli is a prestigious institution which offers an international curriculum leading to diplomas in international business and management. The school was established in the year 1963. It currently houses approximately 25 hundred students. The main features of the school are its advanced teaching strategies, top-quality academic and administrative programs, and its extensive library. The International School prides itself on the innovative initiatives and programs it has undertaken.

Pre-School School International School: The Pre-School School serves children from kindergarten to the 12th grade. The curriculum offered by the school is founded on international standards for education, together with the beliefs and values of parents who are interested in the overall health of their child. Pre-School International school has been accredited by Malaysian government and has a Preschool Diploma (ibploma). International School’s curriculum and methodologies for teaching align with Malaysian Government accreditation. This makes it one of many schools which offer an international pre-school diploma program.